About Us

 Mission statement

Knowing our roots is dedicated for the exposure, expression, and explanation of our heritage, culture, wisdom, spirituality, religion, philosophy, language, literature and healing for a meaningful, integrated, sustainable, holistic, healthy lifestyle with respectful, un-exploiting relationship and interactions with our fellow humans, living beings, and mother nature in the name of the ancient wisdom of Saiva Siddhanta, the conflict-free faith, cosmic truth, and lifestyle

Mission: Provide an environment for Hindu Youths to learn their language, culture, religion, to engage our youths in various devotional services to uplift the society, and allow them to mingle and associate with fellow Hindu youths to serve the Lord, and build a better society for tomorrow.

Dr. Ramanathan Lambotharan

Dr. Lambotharan is a leading Family Physician in Toronto. He is the founder president and a current board of director of IMHO – International Medical Health Organization – Canada, a leading humanitarian charity well known for its humanitarian work for relieving poverty and improving health services in under-served regions of over fifteen countries around the globe with its main focus in Sri Lanka. Every year he personally visits his motherland and spends time with the destitute, orphans and poor to share resources and services. In addition to his humanitarian efforts Dr. Lambotharan is the founder of Saiva Siddhanta Peedam and its wing Knowing Our Roots committed to running Sunday classes for kids and weekly Sat Sang gatherings and radio talk shows for the adults based on the harmonious spiritual wisdom of Saiva Siddhanta, the age old philosophy of Tamils. He also established Toronto Tamil Sangam, a non- profit social organization providing monthly meetings committed to neutral healthy multifaceted approach, analysis, research and knowledge-sharing in Tamilology.