PillaiyAr chuzhi


PillaiyAr chuzhi

Dr. R. Lambotharan

Saiva Siddhanta Peedam, Canada



  1. Pillaiyar chuzhi is the symbol denotes Lord Ganapathi, the elephant headed God we worship at the beginning of any pujas and ventures to ward off obstacles.
  2. Anything we write, any new the ventures we start, we begin with Pillaiyar chuzhi. Pillaiyar chuzhi looks like the Tamil alphabet letter U (உ), but still not the same. Pillaiyar chuzhi is actually a small circle and a line stretched out from the circumference of the circle. It does not have the protruding belly part of the Tamil letter U (உ).
  3. Tradition says that PillaiyAr is the one Who first introduced the writing in alphabets. Scriptural information was transmitted by oral tradition in the old days. Our Vedas were no exception. When sage Vyasa wanted to write Maha Bharat, the history of Pandavas and Kauravas of his contemporary happenings at the dusk of the previous dwapara yuga, Lord Ganesha came to his aide and wrote down the whole Maha Bharat with 100,000 slokas in writing. So Ganesha is the father of writing tradition as such we put Pillaiyaar chuzhi whenever we start to write anything to remember him and respect him.

முற்படு கிரிதனில் முற்பட எழுதிய முதல்வோனே

mutpadu girithanil mutpada ezhuthiya muthalvOnE

The incomparable one first wrote, on the mehru mountain

– திருப்புகழ்/ Thiru-pukaz

  1. Sage Vyasa also classified and divided the Vedas into four for the easy grasp and transmission for the future generation. So he is also called VEda Vyas. Foreseeing the reduction in lifespan and memory of the people in the forth coming kali yuga, Sage Vyasa also composed Hindu Mythological Stories of eighteen puraNas for the easy grasp of the Vedic instructions for the ordinary people. Even though Vyasa composed puraNas he is not the original writer of the purANas. PuRaNas were originally graced by Lord Shiva to His prime disciple Nandi. Nandi instructed puraNas to Sanatkumara, one of the four sages learning from Lord Shiva. Sanatkumara instructed puraNas to Vyasa. Vyasa divided them into eighteen and wrote them for the first time. He instructed them to SUtha Muni. SUtha Muni popularised puraNas among the public through his first vast public discourse for the sages at NaimisAranya Forest.

நாதனார் அருள் பெறு நந்தி தந்திடக்

கோதிலாது உணர் சனற்குமரன் கூறிட

வாத ராயண முனி வகுப்ப ஓர்ந்துணர்

சூதன் ஓதியது மூவாறு தொல்கதை.

– கந்த புராணம் / kanatha purANam 38

நாதன் அருள் பிரியாத நந்தி தர, சனற்குமரன்

வேத வியாதனுக்கு அளிக்க, மேன்மை எல்லாம் அவன் விளங்கி

சூத முனி தனக்கு உதவ, சோபான வகை தொகுத்த

மூதறிவால் அவன் மொழிந்த புராணம் அவை மூவாறில்.

– கோயிற்புராணம் / kOyit purANam 24

  1. Alphabets of all the languages of the world are written by various unique patterns combining circles (or part of circle) and straight lines. Thus, PillaiyAr chuzi is the very basic of Alphabet writing of any language of the past, present and future as such our PillaiyAr stands as the father of any script.
  2. Even the entire electronic communication of the current world is no exception as is entirely based on the binarification system. This binarification is all just the unique repetitive patterns of 0 and 1. 0 indicates circle, 1 indicates the straight line of the Pillaiyar chuzi. So, our Pillaiyar chuzi is the very basic of our current electronic communication too.
  1. The straight line of the Pillaiyar Chuzhi indicates natham, the first manifest of the un-manifest; followed by the bindhu which is represented as the circle in the Pillaiyaar chuzhi. So, the Pillaiyaar chuzhi as a straight line touching the circle represents natham and bindhu, the very beginning of the creation from the primordial matrix called mAya.

நாத விந்து கலாதீ நமோ நம

nAdha vindhu kalAthee namO nama

Obeisance again and again to the One who is in the form of nAdha, the primordial sound and bindhu the primordial vibration (movement). 

– திருப்புகழ்/ Thirupikaz

  1. Even the form of Siva Linga is the combination of straight pillar representing Siva, surrounded by the circular base called AavudaiyAr representing Sakthi. PillaiyAr chuzi is the miniature representative of Siv a Linga form.

NB 1: The straight pillar of Siva Linga indicating Siva represents all the masculine forces in living beings and the circular base AavudaiyAr indicating Sakthi represents all the feminine forces in living beings as such the whole biological world is the representation of Siva and Sakthi and stamped as such by making male and females forms.

NB 2: Even the inert matter made out of atomic particles are no exception. Every single atom has positive and negative sub atomic particles such as protons and electrons and their constant and continued interactions is the entire world of science dealing with matter. Here also the positive force represents Siva and the negative force represents Sakthi.

NB 3: Even world of electricity, magnetic and electromagnetic fields energy forms are no exception as they are also been polarised as positive – negative, Anode – Cathode, and north pole – south pole etc. The polarity of the forces in the Energy represents Siva and Sakthi and their combined interactions.

NB 4. Thus, the whole world of living beings, inert matter and energy are already well stamped and represented by the Supreme Siva and Sakthi, the cause of the all causes.

சத்தியும் சிவமும் ஆய தன்மை இவ் உலகம் எல்லாம்,

ஒத்து ஒவ்வா ஆணும் பெண்ணும் உணர்குண குணியும் ஆகி,

வைத்தனன்; அவளால் வந்த ஆக்கம் இவ் வாழ்க்கை எல்லாம்;

இத்தையும் அறியார், பீட லிங்கத்தின் இயல்பும் ஓரார்.

As the dual aspects of the Almighty is

Already there everywhere in the cosmic creations and its operations

As forms of Sivam and Sakti; possessing the dual qualities of polarity

Agreeing, attracting, contradicting and interacting joyfully together

All positive and negative; All masculine and feminine;

As dual forces in each and every inert particle, energies and conscious beings

All eternally marked and possessed by the Supreme sovereignty

All these through His All-Pervasive Supreme Power

 Siva- Sakti;

Who does not know this; would not know the reality of Siva-Linga;

Meaning of constituting Linga and the circular base (peeda).

– சிவஞானசித்தியார் / Siva Jnana SiddhiyAr 89.

  1. All the movements are only either of two types; circular or straight. There is no other movements possible in this existential world. All the kinetic operations of this existential world are only by these two movements. The circle of Pillaiyar chuzhi indicates the circular movement and the straight line indicates the straight movement. As such Pillaiyar chuzi explains entire operations of the kinetic world. And He is the cause of entire operations of this existential world.
  2. Origin of the world is explained as Big Bang in cosmic science. The universe started with a big cataclysmic explosion of Big Bang and is still expanding. Straight Explosion is represented by the straight line of PillaiyAr chuzi and the pillar of Siva Linga. Ongoing expansion is represented by the circle of pillaiyAr chuzi and the circular base AavudaiyAr of Siva Linga.

அண்டப் பகுதியின் உண்டைப் பிறக்கம்

அளப்பரும் தன்மை வளப்பெருங் காட்சி

ஒன்றனுக் கொன்று நின்றெழில் பகரில்

நூற்றொரு கோடியின் மேற்பட விரிந்தன.

On the origin of the universe

Visualizing the spherical bodies of the Cosmos,
Their limitlessness,
Their uberous And multitudinous forms,
And the way they excel each other in pulchritude,
To exceed in number a thousand millions

And expands.

-Thiru vaasakam/ திருவாசகம், திருவண்டப்பகுதி

  1. End of this existential world described by science as the Big Crunch by which it is reduced to the black hole, by circular absorption to the point of singularity. Mathematical definition says a point is the circle without the circumference and also a straight line without the length. Thus Pillaiyar chuzhi also indicates the final end of the existential world where even Sakthi will also be converged into Siva and He alone will be everlasting without any end. So the circle and the straight of the pillaiyAr chuzi and the pillar and the base of the Siva Linga all also represents the final end, the dissolution called Maha SamhAr.

அவன் அவள் அது எனும் அவை மூ வினைமையிற்

தோற்றிய திதியே ஒடுங்கி மலத்து உளதாம்

அந்தம் ஆதி என்மனார் புலவர்.

தோற்றிய திதியே ஒடுங்கி மலத் துளதாம்.

The material world we perceive as masculine, feminine and neuter beings and objects is an effect and is real. This emanates from Him, exists on Him and dissolves back to Him. The Lord of the ultimate dissolution is the cause. This is for the removal of our spiritual impurities (malA). Everything comes back from the end to Him, the efficient cause, so say the learned.

– சிவஞானபோதம், சூத்திரம் / Siva Jnana Bhoda, Sutra 1.

இறுதியாம் காலந் தன்னில் ஒருவனே, இருவரும் தம் 
நின்றார் என்னில் இறுதிதான் உண்டா காதாம்;
அரனே எல்லாம் அழித்தலால், அவனால் இன்னும்
பெறுதும் நாம்
ஆக்கம் நோக்கம் பேர் அதி கரணத் தாலே.

At the time of ultimate dissolution, Siva the only one remains (as Sakti also merges into Siva finally). As long as a dual aspect of them remains, it cannot be the final dissolution – samhaara. Hence Hara alone remains at the end. As He the one causes ultimate destruction. He the one sustains all in Him and originates and develops everything again through His Sakthi by performing five cosmic functions.

– சிவஞானசித்தியார் / Siva Jnana SiddhiyAr 55

  1. So the pillaiyaR chuzi indicates origin of everything, existential operations and movements of everything and the final dissolution and the end of everything in addition to be the form of any alphabets and electronic communications. It is a miniature form of Siva Linga.

The following is the NASA pictures of the Big bang explosion where the universe coming into existence and the Black Hole where the universe being adsorbed at the end.